H.Zate is a young writer. Freelancer amd blogger by paasion.

H.Zate, A young Freelancer, writer, Journalist & Blogger by passion.

H.Zate started writing since his childhood.
2011- Start Blogging.
As, hzate.wordpress.com and later, hzate.blogspot.com

2012 - His wrtings publish in magazine for the first time, n Mizo, ZawlaiDi Magazine and in Hmar, Sikhawvar Magazine.

2013- Attended Hmar Leader Conclave, At Umran, Meghalaya.

2014 - Join Mizo Zirlai Pawl, as a Sub-Headquarter Secretary.
2016 - Elected as President of MZP Sub-Headquarter.

2016 - Android Apps Publish.

He is a Columnist and Contributor for Several Websites, Magazine and Newspaper in Hmar and Mizo Language. Like, MZP Chanchinbu, Hmasawnna Thar, Virthli, Ruonglevaisuo, Inpui etc.

Born on (Official ) 03.02.1993


Phone: +91-9402125273


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